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Make Facebook Marketing Simple

Facebook is a social media giant, but a lot of marketers tend to neglect their targeted crowd. The reasons that marketers avoid the social platform vary. The most common causes are that paid marketing does not pay off and is too much of a challenge.  However, Social media giants can be a marketer’s dream if you know how to harness its power.

Target Advertising Ads To A Specific Niche

The specificity of an ad is a common thing that marketers tend to overlook. They know their niche, but they tend to use a generalized approach when building ads. For example, marketers may want to sell dog leashes but are advertising for dog gear. By narrowing down the niche even more with the use of precise words such as “dog leashes for large breed dogs,” it allows marketers to reach the right niche. Not only does it promote their product to a targeted population but it also extends to anyone looking for a dog leash, no matter the type.

When looking at the particular niche, marketers can have the landing page be the fan page for a website, which is going to spread the word about the business.In the dog leash example, the ads can be advertised for a dog leash, but the landing page redirecting the buyer can be either the fan page or the landing page for the dog gear site.

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Keep The Ads Short

When paying for marketing ads, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to reach millions of people trafficking their website every day. However, one major turn off for people is ads that are so long in length they have to click on the “continue reading” button. This not only makes the users want to avoid such ads but makes them navigate away from the page in general. Since this can happen, marketers need to keep their ad short and to the point.

Sometimes, success for a fan page can be achieved with the use of trivial but relatable phrases or sentence. For instance, a company marketing camping utilities can use this as a marketing strategy to build their ad in a concise and direct manner. They would simply write out “Do you like camping? If so, like our page.” This ad structure not only appeals to the population by making them relate to the post but also encourages them to act upon their inclinations and desires.

Furthermore, when marketers are directing users to a website, they can add depth and detail to their ad while honoring its simplicity. Continuing with the dog leash example, marketers could use a similar structure: “Need a leash for your dog? Then find the best quality leash for an affordable price on our website.” Incorporating the details and introducing the notion of affordability and quality adds another dimension to the marketer’s ad.

Spread the Word

Marketers often find themselves short on time. Thus, they fail to propagate and publicize their ads on different pages, or social media platforms. Nonetheless, businesses need to realize that marketing can be executed by sharing and spreading the ad. One of the easiest ways to start the sharing process is to involve friends and family. Social media sharing is efficient. If one person shares an ad with two others, and they share it with two more, and so on, the word will travel rapidly. Information will eventually reach extended communities and grow the business.

Likewise, marketers should find creative ways to publish and promote themselves. By adding direct links to their ads, they can increase the odds of share. Also, they can customize their ads by adding images, animations or videos for more creativity. Images often convey a powerful message worth sharing.

An ad needs to travel like a bad case of the flu, spreading and making its way to everybody.

Keep The Page Active

Inactivity can be a killer for a fan page or a website. The same rule applies to Facebook marketing. This happens when the marketer lacks time or interest to publish on the page and drives it into inactivity. This inactivity will lead to ranking the page lower during search results.

Marketers can choose to keep their page active by using auto-publishing services. The latter can post articles from websites or even from RSS feeds. Schedules can be set up regularly to avoid inactivity.

All in all, making money with ads is possible with the right techniques. Keeping ads simple yet concise, running dynamic pages, and spreading the word can help marketers achieve their advertising goal. There is now no excuse that the niches are saturated, or that money cannot be made through marketing ads.