Different ways to optimize your business website

Should you optimize your website?

For some people, their company can be struggling and are in need of a dire way to promote and grow their business. Through the web, small or struggling businesses can increase their customer inflow and increase revenue. The Internet allows your business to be presented in front of billions of people. Having a low barrier to entry, anyone can promote themselves for their benefit. Promoting one’s business, however, is only half the battle, to garner customers, optimizing your website will be your genuine aid. By being able to optimize your site, your business will be at the forefront when consumers search on Google. To successfully optimize your website can be a daunting and strenuous task. It requires constant posting and reworking to make sure your content is optimized. Google analyzes your page and determines how well you deliver on your content. Based on their judgment they determine how you stack against the competition. To make your page stand out, these are crucial objectives you should follow:

Optimize your website

Steps to optimize your website higher on Google

Ways to optimize your website

1. Content: These are the titles, descriptions, and information that your website has.
2. Performance: How fast is your site. A page that loads faster is considered more optimized.
3. User experience: Does the site look presentable? Is it easy to navigate? Are you able to find what you wanted? Do people stay on your website or leave after seeing the home page.(Bounce Rate).
4. Know your keywords: Since you’re going to be targeting a particular consumer you want to have some keywords recycled throughout your site. This will help when Google screens your website so they can rank you based on these keywords. (Note: Overuse of keywords on your pages will hurt you in the long run.)
5. Optimize for multiple channels: Besides having a well-optimized website, you should also consider social platforms to help advertise your service. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help increase your exposure. Make sure to register as a business.
6. Domain name: If your company does plumbing in NY and your domain says plumbing in California how will you plan to attract your customers. Try to have a keyword that best relates to your business in the domain.
7. Mobile Optimization: Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, 67% of users browse the Internet on smartphones and tablets. By optimizing your site for mobile customers, they will be able to decipher your company and having a better understanding of your firm’s business.

In short, as a business owner, being able to promote through multiple channels will always be beneficial to your company and will help you increase your bottom line. Since you know your business model better than anyone else, make sure you convey to your potential clients what that is and how it benefits them. By being able to optimize your website, you can reach a vast audience and give yourself the edge on the competition.

The importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Benefits of Social media management

Is Social Media Management Necessary?

This day and age as more people turn towards the web for their daily tasks and information, social media plays a huge part in bringing like-minded and curious people together. Social Media is the epicenter of where users interact and engage with one another. There is an estimated 81% of the population that has a social media profile. People are beginning to be more open, creating relationships with one another and displaying their lives through various methods(picture, video, gif,.. etc.) to communicate. As growth within this unique environment begins to engulf us all, businesses may want to use an opportunity to capture their audience through Social Media Management. This marketing strategy is the process of utilizing and promoting your business through various social channels to effectively target your desired audience. Social media management solutions will help you manage outbound and incoming interactions, along with other small business marketing activities in a more efficient manner.

Why should I care about Social Media Management?

The more suitable question is, why shouldn’t you care about SMM. Social Media Management is like word of mouth on steroids. You are not only putting your company out in front of a few people, but your whole target audience to observe. You can learn some things you never knew before about your target market and can even tap into trends in your market that can be vital to the growth of your business. They say a good business is one that knows its consumers in’s and out’s. What better way to analyze your future customers than through observing their interactions on these platforms. Besides following your target market, you can deduce what your competition is doing out in the market to reap customers. You can see first hand the tactics they implement and gauge how effective they are at catching potential buyers before you do. Along with these two benefits, you build your brand reputation along the way engaging with your audience, compiling vast information about what your buyers want, helping you anticipate what you should do to be ahead of the rest.

What should I do if my business needs this service?

The best thing to do is get started as soon as possible so you can begin gathering as much info as possible about your market. The earlier you know the trends, the more suited you will be onward. To start head today, head over to our Discovery page and learn how we can help you. At SEO Initiative we use the most potent strategies tailored to your audience giving you useful reports and utilizing growth strategies to build your brand. Contact us at 800-262-6550 for a FREE over the phone consultation.