Search Engine Optimization | Bringing clients to small businesses in the BX

Benefits of SEO for small businesses in the Bronx

First things first, what is SEO? It’s a process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google and Bing. In the SEO world, keyword phrases make search engines believe your site is more relevant than the competitions. By increasing your ranking on an engine like Google, more people will see your website leading to more potential customers.  Optimization may be the key to helping your business grow to the level you aspire.

Search Engine Optimization for the growing

In the Bronx, many companies are beginning their birth and are seeking guidance in making their name known. They struggle to compete with already established businesses that possess significant Market Share and desperately need an online platform to promote themselves. Consistent customer inflow is essential to a sustainable business. Businesses need a useful strategy to help separate them from the competition. Along with driving more traffic to their websites. SEO can make or break a company; they’re the difference between having 400 customers or 4000 clients in a month. The potential to increase your business’s exposure is vast; an optimized website is a precious asset.

How can businesses grow with digital marketing knowledge?

To successfully optimize one’s company website, here are tips to follow that can give you a head start over the competition. Note: these are just a few of the plethora of tips to give you an idea.


Keywords- Since you understand your company better than anyone else, you should come up with some phrases or words that help distinguish yourself from others and relates to what your company does. To put it in a simple way to, if you were in the customer’s shoes, what would you want him to search on Google to find your company?

-On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization- Improving the quality of content can always help to benefit a web page. By fixing issues such as load speed and user experience, these changes can help you move up the ladder towards the top.

-Link Building

Link Building- It’s important to discover sources that you can use as references to your website (note: the quality/credibility of the link plays a role as well. A link to a well-known media company will rank higher than a newly formed website).

-Social Media

Social Media Marketing- To increase your network it would be wise to use social media. This is where billions of interact are thereby exposing you to the masses if you market correctly. Social media marketing will help spread brand awareness/associations and contribute to drawing in your desired traffic.

-Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Scaling- In the world of optimization, content is king. The better your content, the higher Google will rank you. Your website descriptions and pages must be written in compelling and useful content that the consumer feels an attachment towards. You want the customer to feel a close bond with your website that is unmatched by others. You provide a unique set of information that is valuable to their knowledge. Only then will you attract the customers that realize the potential in your website.
Grow Your Business Today

There’s no shortcut in search engine rankings, especially when competitors are lingering on the scene. No matter what market you enter their always is stiff competition. But with a strategy that leverages your geographic location, that can be an advantage to penetrate the market. Give yourself the best odds by narrowing your topic and keyword focus, ultimately increasing your location-specific relevance. You might not rank for as many keywords. However, you will surpass them in relevance for your chosen focal points. Every company has a starting point, and a sound decision would be to have a geographic advantage like the Bronx. Don’t think of your location as a disadvantage but a way to propel yourself quickly up the hierarchy of SEO optimization. As a small business use your nearby resources to your advantage, your first step will dictate how you climb the staircase.