Different ways to optimize your business website

Should you optimize your website?

For some people, their company can be struggling and are in need of a dire way to promote and grow their business. Through the web, small or struggling businesses can increase their customer inflow and increase revenue. The Internet allows your business to be presented in front of billions of people. Having a low barrier to entry, anyone can promote themselves for their benefit. Promoting one’s business, however, is only half the battle, to garner customers, optimizing your website will be your genuine aid. By being able to optimize your site, your business will be at the forefront when consumers search on Google. To successfully optimize your website can be a daunting and strenuous task. It requires constant posting and reworking to make sure your content is optimized. Google analyzes your page and determines how well you deliver on your content. Based on their judgment they determine how you stack against the competition. To make your page stand out, these are crucial objectives you should follow:

Optimize your website

Steps to optimize your website higher on Google

Ways to optimize your website

1. Content: These are the titles, descriptions, and information that your website has.
2. Performance: How fast is your site. A page that loads faster is considered more optimized.
3. User experience: Does the site look presentable? Is it easy to navigate? Are you able to find what you wanted? Do people stay on your website or leave after seeing the home page.(Bounce Rate).
4. Know your keywords: Since you’re going to be targeting a particular consumer you want to have some keywords recycled throughout your site. This will help when Google screens your website so they can rank you based on these keywords. (Note: Overuse of keywords on your pages will hurt you in the long run.)
5. Optimize for multiple channels: Besides having a well-optimized website, you should also consider social platforms to help advertise your service. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help increase your exposure. Make sure to register as a business.
6. Domain name: If your company does plumbing in NY and your domain says plumbing in California how will you plan to attract your customers. Try to have a keyword that best relates to your business in the domain.
7. Mobile Optimization: Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, 67% of users browse the Internet on smartphones and tablets. By optimizing your site for mobile customers, they will be able to decipher your company and having a better understanding of your firm’s business.

In short, as a business owner, being able to promote through multiple channels will always be beneficial to your company and will help you increase your bottom line. Since you know your business model better than anyone else, make sure you convey to your potential clients what that is and how it benefits them. By being able to optimize your website, you can reach a vast audience and give yourself the edge on the competition.

The importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Benefits of Social media management

Is Social Media Management Necessary?

This day and age as more people turn towards the web for their daily tasks and information, social media plays a huge part in bringing like-minded and curious people together. Social Media is the epicenter of where users interact and engage with one another. There is an estimated 81% of the population that has a social media profile. People are beginning to be more open, creating relationships with one another and displaying their lives through various methods(picture, video, gif,.. etc.) to communicate. As growth within this unique environment begins to engulf us all, businesses may want to use an opportunity to capture their audience through Social Media Management. This marketing strategy is the process of utilizing and promoting your business through various social channels to effectively target your desired audience. Social media management solutions will help you manage outbound and incoming interactions, along with other small business marketing activities in a more efficient manner.

Why should I care about Social Media Management?

The more suitable question is, why shouldn’t you care about SMM. Social Media Management is like word of mouth on steroids. You are not only putting your company out in front of a few people, but your whole target audience to observe. You can learn some things you never knew before about your target market and can even tap into trends in your market that can be vital to the growth of your business. They say a good business is one that knows its consumers in’s and out’s. What better way to analyze your future customers than through observing their interactions on these platforms. Besides following your target market, you can deduce what your competition is doing out in the market to reap customers. You can see first hand the tactics they implement and gauge how effective they are at catching potential buyers before you do. Along with these two benefits, you build your brand reputation along the way engaging with your audience, compiling vast information about what your buyers want, helping you anticipate what you should do to be ahead of the rest.

What should I do if my business needs this service?

The best thing to do is get started as soon as possible so you can begin gathering as much info as possible about your market. The earlier you know the trends, the more suited you will be onward. To start head today, head over to our Discovery page and learn how we can help you. At SEO Initiative we use the most potent strategies tailored to your audience giving you useful reports and utilizing growth strategies to build your brand. Contact us at 800-262-6550 for a FREE over the phone consultation.

Wall Street SEO

Growing SEO demand on Wall Street

Wall Street, also known as the financial capital of the world. Many of the largest financial institutions thrive and operate from this hub. Significant Microeconomic decisions are made in this epicenter where top level executives impact individual and business sentiment. Although a majority of big name firms occupy this area, lots of thriving startups and mid-size businesses occupy the district as well in an attempt to be the next big company. Within Wall Street, SEO seems to be a rising need. As companies start to assimilate to the digital world, the desire for SEO on wall street is growing exponentially. SEO is the process of optimizing one’s website through various tactics and strategies to help improve your ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. Many companies within the district can benefit greatly from this service.

What is competition like in the financial capital

For businesses on Wall Street that work in the financial services area competition can be stiff. Having a proper SEO agency to support you can make the difference in terms of potential leads. By having a higher ranking within search engines will mean more traffic directed towards your site. For your business, this means more potential clients are looking at what your business provides. Being ranked at the summit of search engines will entice many firms to allocate a significant portion of their marketing budget to SEO. Besides Financial services, other big name companies in different industries such as clothing, jewelry, and entertainment occupy the region. These companies also need to assimilate to the digital world so their business can establish a presence. The need for SEO on Wall Street is quickly becoming a growing demand to increase brand awareness and traffic to grow their business.

Before SEO became known, most businesses marketed through channels such as T.V and newspaper articles. Now as consumers are using the web and smartphones, firms have to adapt and change their marketing strategy. Finding an SEO agency that matches your business needs is crucial. A company should look around at different SEO companies to find one that compliments their long-term goals. Having that mutual understanding about the goals you want to achieve will make the SEO experience a tangible ROI and not a desperation move to jumpstart your business. Within Wall Street, many savvy people will perform their due diligence to find the proper SEO. For firms that provide SEO, they should also find a client they believe will match their goals and be a worthwhile investment as well.

So what does this mean for my Business

SEO within Wall Street is a topic that is on the rise and marketing companies should look to appeal to these firms for a chance to score a high-quality client. The opportunity to grow your SEO business can be appealing to any company looking for the next potential lead. Within the financial district of Wall Street lies an untapped gem of potential business waiting to occur.

Do I need SEO Service for my business | How can Digital Marketing help

How to gauge if you need SEO

How do you know if your business needs a marketing agency to handle your web presence?

Do you feel a web presence is necessary to achieve your company goals?

Will an SEO agency deliver on increasing my sales?

How will an SEO company improve my search engine rankings?

Are they an experienced SEO company?

How do I measure one company’s SEO service to another?

These are all questions you are probably asking yourself, whether you are starting a new business or trying to build upon your existing one. The challenge of making that judgment can be a tough one, here are some things to consider before making that crucial decision.

I have a business but do I need SEO

Seo serviceIf you are starting a new business, more than likely you could potentially be entering a competitive market. You should understand first who your competition is before anything. Stiff competition may call for some SEO assistance. Trying to break into an established market not only requires hard work but a team that can drive your company beyond its barriers. In this case, an SEO service may be on your agenda. For starting businesses with a sufficient amount of funding, an SEO service may not be an immediate goal for you. However, once you have market share in your region, an SEO agency would be suitable to help spread your company’s mission beyond your geographic radius.

In both these examples an SEO company can be beneficial; however, you should consider where your business stands first and map out a plan of how you want to expand. This will help to draw a conclusion as to when an online service would be ideal. For businesses that are struggling to stay afloat, an SEO agency can be that bastion of hope to lift your company out of uncertainty. This, however, can be a double-edged sword, it may help garner the attention your business needs or increase your expenses beyond manageable levels. To summarize, an online presence will always be beneficial for a company. Before considering any service though such as search engine optimization, you should understand your business’s needs.

Should I keep in touch with the SEO company

ask yourself, does my company need this service given how your company stands as of now? The benefits can outweigh the costs in the long term. If your company requires short-term growth, SEO service may not be the immediate response you need. When reaching a deal with these SEO consultants, be sure to ask how often they plan to share these valuable analytics. They should show you data to show how they are improving your search engine rankings and website traffic continually. Keeping a close relationship with SEO consultants is key to growing your business. More than likely if a company is not disclosing any growth to you on a constant basis; the results are not as good as they initially claimed. Due diligence is required so be wary entrepreneurs and good luck.

Search Engine Optimization | Bringing clients to small businesses in the BX

Benefits of SEO for small businesses in the Bronx

First things first, what is SEO? It’s a process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google and Bing. In the SEO world, keyword phrases make search engines believe your site is more relevant than the competitions. By increasing your ranking on an engine like Google, more people will see your website leading to more potential customers.  Optimization may be the key to helping your business grow to the level you aspire.

Search Engine Optimization for the growing

In the Bronx, many companies are beginning their birth and are seeking guidance in making their name known. They struggle to compete with already established businesses that possess significant Market Share and desperately need an online platform to promote themselves. Consistent customer inflow is essential to a sustainable business. Businesses need a useful strategy to help separate them from the competition. Along with driving more traffic to their websites. SEO can make or break a company; they’re the difference between having 400 customers or 4000 clients in a month. The potential to increase your business’s exposure is vast; an optimized website is a precious asset.

How can businesses grow with digital marketing knowledge?

To successfully optimize one’s company website, here are tips to follow that can give you a head start over the competition. Note: these are just a few of the plethora of tips to give you an idea.


Keywords- Since you understand your company better than anyone else, you should come up with some phrases or words that help distinguish yourself from others and relates to what your company does. To put it in a simple way to, if you were in the customer’s shoes, what would you want him to search on Google to find your company?

-On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization- Improving the quality of content can always help to benefit a web page. By fixing issues such as load speed and user experience, these changes can help you move up the ladder towards the top.

-Link Building

Link Building- It’s important to discover sources that you can use as references to your website (note: the quality/credibility of the link plays a role as well. A link to a well-known media company will rank higher than a newly formed website).

-Social Media

Social Media Marketing- To increase your network it would be wise to use social media. This is where billions of interact are thereby exposing you to the masses if you market correctly. Social media marketing will help spread brand awareness/associations and contribute to drawing in your desired traffic.

-Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Scaling- In the world of optimization, content is king. The better your content, the higher Google will rank you. Your website descriptions and pages must be written in compelling and useful content that the consumer feels an attachment towards. You want the customer to feel a close bond with your website that is unmatched by others. You provide a unique set of information that is valuable to their knowledge. Only then will you attract the customers that realize the potential in your website.
Grow Your Business Today

There’s no shortcut in search engine rankings, especially when competitors are lingering on the scene. No matter what market you enter their always is stiff competition. But with a strategy that leverages your geographic location, that can be an advantage to penetrate the market. Give yourself the best odds by narrowing your topic and keyword focus, ultimately increasing your location-specific relevance. You might not rank for as many keywords. However, you will surpass them in relevance for your chosen focal points. Every company has a starting point, and a sound decision would be to have a geographic advantage like the Bronx. Don’t think of your location as a disadvantage but a way to propel yourself quickly up the hierarchy of SEO optimization. As a small business use your nearby resources to your advantage, your first step will dictate how you climb the staircase.

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Facebook marketing, social media

Make Facebook Marketing Simple

Facebook is a social media giant, but a lot of marketers tend to neglect their targeted crowd. The reasons that marketers avoid the social platform vary. The most common causes are that paid marketing does not pay off and is too much of a challenge.  However, Social media giants can be a marketer’s dream if you know how to harness its power.

Target Advertising Ads To A Specific Niche

The specificity of an ad is a common thing that marketers tend to overlook. They know their niche, but they tend to use a generalized approach when building ads. For example, marketers may want to sell dog leashes but are advertising for dog gear. By narrowing down the niche even more with the use of precise words such as “dog leashes for large breed dogs,” it allows marketers to reach the right niche. Not only does it promote their product to a targeted population but it also extends to anyone looking for a dog leash, no matter the type.

When looking at the particular niche, marketers can have the landing page be the fan page for a website, which is going to spread the word about the business.In the dog leash example, the ads can be advertised for a dog leash, but the landing page redirecting the buyer can be either the fan page or the landing page for the dog gear site.

facebook marketing, social media, ads, exposure, paid per click

Keep The Ads Short

When paying for marketing ads, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to reach millions of people trafficking their website every day. However, one major turn off for people is ads that are so long in length they have to click on the “continue reading” button. This not only makes the users want to avoid such ads but makes them navigate away from the page in general. Since this can happen, marketers need to keep their ad short and to the point.

Sometimes, success for a fan page can be achieved with the use of trivial but relatable phrases or sentence. For instance, a company marketing camping utilities can use this as a marketing strategy to build their ad in a concise and direct manner. They would simply write out “Do you like camping? If so, like our page.” This ad structure not only appeals to the population by making them relate to the post but also encourages them to act upon their inclinations and desires.

Furthermore, when marketers are directing users to a website, they can add depth and detail to their ad while honoring its simplicity. Continuing with the dog leash example, marketers could use a similar structure: “Need a leash for your dog? Then find the best quality leash for an affordable price on our website.” Incorporating the details and introducing the notion of affordability and quality adds another dimension to the marketer’s ad.

Spread the Word

Marketers often find themselves short on time. Thus, they fail to propagate and publicize their ads on different pages, or social media platforms. Nonetheless, businesses need to realize that marketing can be executed by sharing and spreading the ad. One of the easiest ways to start the sharing process is to involve friends and family. Social media sharing is efficient. If one person shares an ad with two others, and they share it with two more, and so on, the word will travel rapidly. Information will eventually reach extended communities and grow the business.

Likewise, marketers should find creative ways to publish and promote themselves. By adding direct links to their ads, they can increase the odds of share. Also, they can customize their ads by adding images, animations or videos for more creativity. Images often convey a powerful message worth sharing.

An ad needs to travel like a bad case of the flu, spreading and making its way to everybody.

Keep The Page Active

Inactivity can be a killer for a fan page or a website. The same rule applies to Facebook marketing. This happens when the marketer lacks time or interest to publish on the page and drives it into inactivity. This inactivity will lead to ranking the page lower during search results.

Marketers can choose to keep their page active by using auto-publishing services. The latter can post articles from websites or even from RSS feeds. Schedules can be set up regularly to avoid inactivity.

All in all, making money with ads is possible with the right techniques. Keeping ads simple yet concise, running dynamic pages, and spreading the word can help marketers achieve their advertising goal. There is now no excuse that the niches are saturated, or that money cannot be made through marketing ads.